First date in London with 3 guys

Some thoughts while I am in London... Frederic Leighton was a famous artist in Britain. This was his house. He life oddly reminds me of the film, Big, starring Tom Hanks. In the movie, Hanks played a little boy trapped in an adult body. He had the best jobs, playing with toys all day and a great apartment. But he preferred sleeping in a bunk bed with his girlfriend on top bunk and him at the bottom. In real life, Leighton was the same way. He had the grandest house, an amazing job/ life, but his bedroom was very humble with a little twin bed and a single reading lamp hanging from the ceiling to his bedside. People still have milk delivered to their door. In a way, traditions never go away. W

Edible Patterns

If patterns are edible, how would they taste like? My friend Maryum said that my pattern tastes good! The color palette was based on the WGSN forecast for spring / summer 2018, Psychotropical trend! Two years ago, I made a beautiful color chart with oil paint. This color chart came in handy as I began to analyze my patterns with color theory. I wish I could visualize the color chart someday without the crutch of a physical one. The shapes of my edible camouflage pattern above is based on some rock formation I discovered while taking my dog for a walk at La Sierra trail in Chino Hills. Of course, the outcome looks nothing like how I had first encountered it. I think that is the fun part about

Making Hybrid Art

Insisting on doing something by my hands, I made the photogram below by using the process of cyanotype. I chose a pixelated ogee pattern that I designed digitally to create film work. It was an anomaly with the rest of the patterns at first, because it was handmade while the other patterns were created digitally. I added one more layer to it, printing the cyanotype digitally. This is my attempt to find that gray area or unseen place, where something is both digital and analog...a hybrid way of making things. While dabbling in surface design, I realize that my mom has always been an artist. When I walk into her closet, I see patterns of all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, I like to borrow clothes

Art as a Vehicle for Learning

Nowadays, a lot of focus is being placed on testing. Since creativity cannot be measured or quantified by any exams, the subject often gets dismissed. Art and music are often the first programs to be omitted when schools run out of money. Even though creativity cannot be measured, I believe it is critical for art to be a part of everyday life, so we can think differently and attack problems from an unexpected angle.

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