My Age in Computers

This is my age in computers. I have seen almost everyone of those machines in my life time. More recently, I spilled water on my laptop. I took it to the apple certified dealer above to get it fixed. It was only a little bit of water but costs over $1,000 to get the logic board replaced. So sad. I keep replaying the sequence of events: Me knocking over a bottle of water. I wish I could rewind and do things differently Years ago, I read an autobiography by Jay Leno. Although he is a comedian, he shared something quite touching. When he was in high school, he worked really hard and his parents got him a truck. It was a great truck, but for some reason the window was gone. He remembered watchin

I got into the chalk festival!

I went to the Huntington Library to sketch. Aside from being captivated by my recent trip to London, I was equally inspired by my colleagues and their projects about Los Angeles. My friend Amy created a graphic novel about her experience going to the Huntington Library, which brought me here today to draw a cactus. "Draw a cactus, "she prompts us, "it's your page." All of us listened to everyone's presentations intently on more than numerous occasions that I think we have all stored them in our long term memory! Using an approach introduced to me by my teacher, I practice gathering more information for my chalk drawings. This is research and development for the chalk festival on June 17-18,

3 + 1 bonus Secrets from London

1 He was really passionate about flowers! Instead of planting things in the ground right away. He leaves them in pots, then arrange and rearrange. That way, he could see the true colors of flowers and not rely on catalogs that overuse photoshop. I think we should all do that in our lives. Before we set anything in stone, we should play around with the placement of everything, try things out before we make a permanent decision. Location: Great Dixter House 2 The great designer, Paul Smith, has a morning routine. He swims every morning at 5 am and has been doing that everyday since the 1990s! He is in his office to answer correspondence by 6 am. Location: His studio with our teacher Clive. At

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