Beef Bourguignon on a Budget

It took me 5 hours and $30 to make a Beef Bourguignon for four people and an additional four lunches to-go. Although it seems like a big chunk of time and money, I saved both resources in the long run. I was inspired to do this, because I had to make a cookbook for my graphics class, Type 3. I wanted to get my own photo reference. I was also curious how this recipe tastes like, after watching the film, Julia & Julia. Finally, my type teacher said this dish is to die for, so I decided to make it. Even though I was doing desserts for my cookbook, I am glad I tried Beef Bourguignon and see how inexpensive and yummy it is. My school recently adopted very fancy vending machines, where I could get

Adopt Your Toby Today!

Working with a Yorkshire Terrier dog named Toby, I developed a collection of pet products that revolves around the theme of surf shack/ Old Hawaii. Toby is a super energetic dog that could easily take up the sport of surfing. His portrait is designed by looking at Tiki sculptures for reference. I want to immortalize him by making Tiki Toby. Adopt your own Toby today, by owning one of these embroidered patches! Two things about my collection: (1) The technique I used is relief blockprinting. Back in the day before the Westerners came, Hawaiians use woodblock printing, Kapa art, and tattoos to express themselves. I want to recreate that sense of the homemade and the nostalgic impression of Old

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