Finding Toby

Walking around the animal shelter, I saw a lot of sad dogs. Some of them are given up by the owner. Others are strays found on the streets. I went to two animal shelters: One in Pasadena, the other in Pomona. The conditions in Pomona were not as great as Pasadena. I met a dog named Toby who had a skin condition. His eyes were red and he was slobbering all over. The animal rescuer told me that he was given up by the owner. The medical expense was too great. He was probably an outside dog for a business, all he life. Toby is really sweet if you see pass his physical conditions. Aside from dogs, I saw turtles and a pig. There were an abundant amount of pit bulls. I went to the animal shelter no

Through the Eyes of Chiquita

You know how there are seeing eye dogs and other therapy dogs? Well, I'm a sob story dog. I'm good at listening to stories. Whenever Bonnie feels sad, she would recount her sob story to me and then she would feel better. I'm a good sob story dog. I never repeat her stories to anyone. I got so good at it that she decide to make an artwork out of me. This is really creepy, but she made a paper toy based on my image, so other people could have their own versions of a sob story dog. I was born in the O.C., the runt of a litter of yellow labs. Something scary and interesting about me is that my tail was partly bitten off by my mom when I was a puppy. It was an accident, or so I was told. When I w

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