What I thought was going to happen + what actually took place

Some people think I shouldn't be going back to teaching. When I came to ArtCenter, like many others, I wanted to be this whole new persona, to switch career paths, etc. But sometimes, one has to embrace his/her background, to make something new/different. Mine was teaching. More recently, I teach art at a charter school one day a week. It feels good to be wanted and to be appreciated. "I like your hair." "I like your much is it?" "I like your shoes." Wow, I have never had so many likes in person. Two nights prior to teaching, I spent some time preparing the play dough for the kids, molding them into spheres, triangular prism, pyramids, etc. It is a labor of love. My friend who i

Learning the Concept of 3D Printing through Play Dough

I remember that my teacher, Paul, said this, "with drawing, you have the whole playing field." He means that with drawing, there are no constraints: Anything is possible. We need to give our imagination enough room to hash things out; whatever we do, we need to play with all kinds of ideas. Ingredients 1 squashed sphere 2 triangular prisms 1 prism 24 cubes 1/2 sphere 1 rectangular prism 3 cylinders Grade 1 Art Standard 2.3 Demonstrate beginning skill in the manipulation and use of sculptural materials to create form in works of art. Grade 1 Math Standard 1.G.2: Compose 3D shapes to create a composite shape, and compose new shapes from the composite shape. How to teach 3D printing to fi

Before Facebook & Instagram

I found photographs faded from time. Handwritten notes strewn across the backs of photos. Photos pressed in-between letters that were sent across the ocean. I found a time when my dad appeared handsome and when my mom was much younger than me right now. Time stood still and their image sat frozen in my memory. Why, everyone looked so skinny and happy! Going back in time, before the age of Facebook & Instagram, I was looking for pictures for my brother's upcoming wedding and discovered these treasured moments. If they had Facebook back then, they would have been posted and buried beneath billions of newsfeed a long time ago. But because they are physical photographs, I had the luxury to flip

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