The Case for 3D Printing and Creativity– A Manifesto

As I'm writing this, my 3D printer is humming with activity. I'm printing a "new face" for myself so I will look beautiful. (See photo below.) Time and again, my mentor asked me, "why 3D printing?" She is not trying to give me a hard time but merely wants me to articulate my ideas to others. Nevertheless, I can't seem give her a direct answer. I just know that it's a good skill to have. Yesterday, Ivy Ross of Google Hardware Design, shared with ArtCenter students that intuition comes from facts. 85% of what we know goes into the subconscious mind, while 15% goes into the conscious. Intuition or that gut feeling we have comes from that subconscious place. I need put on these silly glasses and

You Get What You Get, So Don't Get Upset!

I was passing out art materials to my students. They each got different colors. "You get what I give you," I told them. Before I could even say "but you could trade with each other," one of the students intercepted, "you get what you get, so don't get upset!" Whenever I don't get what I want, I am reminded by her statement. I get what I get...and what I got is pretty good! The First Thing I Got: An Old Sticker I copied the music teacher by giving stickers to the students at the end of each class period. The students would add it to their collection on top of their name plate. Over time, they have accumulated so many stickers that it is sometimes hard to read their names. One day, a student w

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