Playing Chess with Colors

Chalks sit on the side line, waiting to enter the mural, as I make some random decisions: It's like solving a big puzzle, or playing chess with colors. If I put fuchsia here, can I place yellow next to it? Midway through, I got stuck with the tree. What color? Off white? Luckily, Saba who came to the rescue. She was on her hands and knees, filling in colors where I did a poor job and giving me suggestions when I was stuck. She put whimsical smiles on the people's faces inside the mural and subsequently on me as well. I am grateful to my neighbors who lent me almost everything. My neighbor on the right gave me tape to cover the drawing with trash bags at night. He was depicting a sea turtle f

11+ Projects that worked this Semester!

1. Make hot glue gun texture templates for kindergarteners to do rubbings. 2. Using 3D printing pens to make whimsical bubble makers. 3. Incorporate LED lights into art projects. 4. Making a dream playground or amusement park. 5. Making a dream house with recycled materials. 6. Printmaking and clay self portraits 7. Make a habitat for a buggy bug 8. Make a disguise with 3D printing pens 10. Making puppets with first graders 11. Making 3D prints with TinkerCad in 2nd grade 12. Mural project with kinder with the theme of oceans

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