Teach Only What You Love

My aunt, Somi, inspired me to swim. I used to be a great breastroker in high school. But life sets in. I just didn't have the time to swim anymore. While on vacation in Hong Kong, I swam at the Kowloon Tong Club, a place where I used to frequent as a kid. After the swim, my aunt told me that the lifeguard thought I swam well and that I should keep on swimming. When I returned to the states, I have been swimming every since. Swimming somehow reminds me of Shibori art. The cloth you see above are made on 20 year old drawings. When I was young and very naive, I made some drawings on bedsheets. Instead of destroying my artwork, I found a way to renew them, by dunking them into a container of ind

Never know where Life takes You

One of my favorite parts about working on this project is collaborating with my partners in crime, Maryam and Max. We call ourselves the MMBs. I didn't think I could help much. Both Maryam and Max are superb illustrators and surface designers. So I start off making snacks like brownies, apple pies, pineapple upside cake, banana bread, and oatmeal cookies at each class session. One creative activity spurs onto the next. Pretty soon the exercise feeds into my own art making and writing. We wrote a story together and hope to illustrate together. Thanks to Maryam: Though I have good ideas, I have a tendency to go off on all sorts of unimportant tangents, so thanks for her help to keep me focused

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