A Day of Work At Neiman Marcus: Stories from Behind the Scenes

Although it sounded fancy to say that I was working in Beverly Hills, it actually took a grueling 2.5 hours to drive from my home to Neiman Marcus. Nevertheless, I arrived at the store at 7:15 am. Bright and early in the morning, the store was bustling with activities. Store clerks were busy unpacking boxes, getting ready for day. Dressed all in black, SurfaceWorld team worked in unison, maneuvering our way outside the paths and daily patterns of the regular employees. As we began to adorn each window, we became invisible workers. Donning on special makeshift shoes, we made sure we didn’t leave any tracks behind. Store clerks and customers made transactions in astronomical figures. Pedestria

Favorite Memory

Whatever rejections I face in the outside world, may it be a difficulty in finding work or getting people to like my illustrations, the kids make up for it more than enough. For example, the kids always want to be the one who gets to keep my artwork. In their eyes, it was the most beautiful thing. I feel like an art star when they greeted me in the morning. They get so excited to confirm that I would be coming to their classroom that day. "Raise your right hand if you think Miss Lee is the best art teacher in the world!" A student tried to promote me while everyone was engrossed in the project at hand. He pressed on, "raise your right hand if you think..." We were creating stamps out of mode

Real Life Doesn't Come in a Box of Crayons

I was pretending to be a professor today and gave a lecture to the second graders. Actually I just told them a story. I miss going to school as a student, but today, I got to reminisce the time when I went to college, which is fairly recent. We were drawing plants in the second grade. I told my students that when I was in college, I used to have lunch with my teacher, because in college, you can have lunch with your teachers, of course! After lunch one day, we went to the nursery. My teacher shared that this was the place where he got his colors. "That's silly!" A girl blurted out in disbelief, "how do you get colors at a nursery?!" "Exactly my thought," I interjected. "How do you get colors

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