My dream is to be a surface designer. When I need to be inspired, I find my way to the fabric store. A polka dot pattern here, a plaid pattern there. How stimulating to see a plethora of fabric arranged into rolls and rolls of magnificence. Sneaking into the backroom where the store keeps its best odds and ends, I gravitate towards the familiar, a butterfly. Mariposa is a reflection of me, my muse, my fan, my critic, my yin and yang. She presents herself whenever creativity strikes, never by command and always by surprise. Stepping onto the unrolled canvas I fall through the surface into yards and yards of oblivion onto a dark wonderful world of floral. Vines climbed onto every crevice. Flow

10 Things I Learned from These Extraordinary Women in Tech

Hi Robbie, Thanks for encouraging me to enter the pitch competition for Girls in Tech. One thing led to another. I never thought I would submit my entry to the contest nor go to the actual competition in San Fran. But here I was at their annual competition. Here are 10 things I learned from these extraordinary women in tech: 1) Our generation is vastly different from our parents’. It used to be that life is divided in 3 phases: Education, Work, then Leisure/Retirement. Now all 3 things are happening in our generation. We learn, work, and play for a balanced life. Advice/observation from Catherine Lee from GoDaddy. 2) All winning entries have an element of contributing to society. A wom

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