The Best $30 that I Have Ever Spent

A tube of fancy oil paint for myself could easily cost $30. When I filled my car up with a full tank of gas, it costed about that much. However, with the same amount of money, I could buy enough clay for a class of first graders to make snowmen or Sculpey clay for third graders to make miniature terrariums. Sometimes, I felt as though I were a millionaire, walking into the 99 cents Store: I swept a pack of stickers for the kindergarten classes into my basket; two packs of holiday erasers for the second grade; two packs of Halloween pencils for the first grade; three packs of glow sticks for the third grade, etc. I mustn't forget to include a stack of styrofoam plates as palettes for mixing c

Nothing You Do is Ever a Waste of Time: You Either Find Out What You Want or What You Don't Want

I could not have gotten to where I am today without my share of mentors and advisors. So many years ago, as an undergraduate at Scripps College, I was a science major, then a math major, an economics major, before finally zeroing in onto studio art major. I remember sharing with my advisor, Professor Patricia Dillon that I wasted so much time taking all these classes, to which she replied, "nothing you do is ever a waste of time, you either find out what you want or what you don't want. This mentality stayed with me all my life, as I became a teacher, an art student, then a teacher once again. Traveling back in time to high school, one of my favorite memories is swimming on the team. I was t

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