My Dad, My Best Friend

Recently, my parents went on a cruise with their friends. All of a sudden, the house got so quiet that I wasn’t used to it. My dad spends the majority of his time in the US now. Partly because of his love for gardening, and partly because he wants to stay with me. Whenever mom now leaves for Hong Kong, she would say, "take care of dad!" I don't know who is taking care of who, because I think my dad also takes care of me. Funny how when a parent becomes older, I like to think that I adopted him as though he were my child. I’m compelled to bring him to breakfast, to dim sum, and to make sure that he does not feel lonesome at home. My dad has always been the lenient parent. I remember that when

Singleness might be a Permanent Gift

I’m a bit embarrassed to share this but feel the need to do so. I know there are seasons of life and that singleness is also a gift. As I get older, I’m beginning to see that singleness might be more of a permanent gift. Sometimes when I go to weddings and/or baby showers, the game of comparison inevitably takes place. Yes, grass is always greener on the other side: Everyone in my parents' group of friends have grandchildren already. Nevertheless, I’m very grateful for what God has done in my life. Even if my life were to stop right now, I can recount nothing but blessings. My mentor said, “you wouldn’t be able to do this if you were married/have children.” He was pointing to the fact that I

9 Different Ways to Become More Aware of the Arts

Gone are the days of studying from the textbooks. Although I haven't taken a standardized test in ages, having been a teacher made me a better student. Below are nine different ways I studied for the California Subject Examination for Teachers in Art. Regardless whether I passed the test, the process of preparation definitely helped me to become a better person, artist, and ultimately a better teacher. 1. Any episode from the series Art 21 from is an excellent source of information. 2. Tate Shots on Contemporary artists. My favorite is the one on William Kentridge. He stopped making art after college, because he thought he didn't have anything to say. I was encouraged by his life

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