Life goes On

Lemon tree.

Bow Ties

Surface Design of Old Hawaii

The Last 400 Yards

Story based on Gertrude Ederle's 1926 swim across the English Channel.

Ice Cream Sign

Proposal for Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

Instant Mural

Mural with Surface Design at ArtCenter.

Supershort Animation Film

Story created about recent COVID-19 epidemic and struggles.

Study Away Project

Video presentation to a London Audience.

Apple Pan

Highlight of Los Angeles.

Chalk Animation

Process photo of chalk animation.

Berlin Wall

Visual Journal of Bike Tour in Germany


Printmaking with Inner-city kids in Downtown LA.

Favorite Food

Mural created with favorite food from the community at ArtCenter.

Chalk Mural

Chalk Festival in Old Town Pasadena.

Old Hawaii Pet Collection

Patches created for a Hollywood star Yorkshire Terrier named Toby.

Old Hawaii Custom Cookie Cutter

Dog Biscuit Cookie Cutter for the Old Hawaii Collection.

Smelly Sock Dog Biscuit

Package Design for Custom Made Dog Biscuits.

3D Print Merchandise

Creating fun curriculum for 3D printing for kids.

Logo for BridgeArt

Startup Company developed as part of LaunchLab, supported with a generous donation from VentureWell grant.

Switched at Birth

Stopmotion animation created for this American Life episode.

Pet Mural

Senior Project with a line of pet products.

Business Cards with a Twist

Undercover spy and Illustrator.

Old Hawaii Collection

Surface design for dog bed & coat.

Handmade Postcards

Announcement made with relief block printing technique.

Packaging Design

Relief block printing packaging for homemade cookies.

Lesson with Kids

Drawing & printmaking with K-3 students at Gabriella Dance Charter.

Ceramics Lesson

Air dry sculpture with the students at Gabriella Dance Charter.

Printmaking with Foam Stickers

Art lesson with kindergarten at Gabriella Dance Charter.

Instant Mural for Kids

Setting up an underwater mural for 2nd graders at Gabriella Dance Charter.

Visual Note Taking

Visual notes taken at Artificial Intelligence Conference at CalTech.

Custom Cookie Cutter

3D model of cookie cutter for a special Labrador Retriever.

Packaging for Old Hawaii

Custom made dog biscuits with Old Hawaii surface design.

Relief Illustration

Artwork for stories about Chino Hill's dark past.

All Artwork © Copyright Bonnie Lee
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