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Edible Patterns

If patterns are edible, how would they taste like? My friend Maryum said that my pattern tastes good! The color palette was based on the WGSN forecast for spring / summer 2018, Psychotropical trend!

Two years ago, I made a beautiful color chart with oil paint. This color chart came in handy as I began to analyze my patterns with color theory. I wish I could visualize the color chart someday without the crutch of a physical one. 

The shapes of my edible camouflage pattern above is based on some rock formation I discovered while taking my dog for a walk at La Sierra trail in Chino Hills. Of course, the outcome looks nothing like how I had first encountered it. I think that is the fun part about pattern making, seeing colors and patterns in the everyday then transforming them in our own unique ways. 

If you ever want to make your own edible patterns, I recommend They mail the artwork with great care and in a timely fashion. 

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