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First date in London with 3 guys

Some thoughts while I am in London...

Frederic Leighton was a famous artist in Britain. This was his house. He life oddly reminds me of the film, Big, starring Tom Hanks. In the movie, Hanks played a little boy trapped in an adult body. He had the best jobs, playing with toys all day and a great apartment. But he preferred sleeping in a bunk bed with his girlfriend on top bunk and him at the bottom. In real life, Leighton was the same way. He had the grandest house, an amazing job/ life, but his bedroom was very humble with a little twin bed and a single reading lamp hanging from the ceiling to his bedside. 

People still have milk delivered to their door. In a way, traditions never go away. We have Amazon deliver goods to our doors nowadays. 

My first real sit down meal in London was a plate of mussels. I didn't know that mussels would be considered a type of food you would eat on a date! My teacher joked that since I'm sitting by all the guys. It was like I am having a date with 3 guys on a date in London:) Sometimes I look like a youngster from far away. In reality I much older! 

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