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My Age in Computers

My age in computers

This is my age in computers. I have seen almost everyone of those machines in my life time. More recently, I spilled water on my laptop. I took it to the apple certified dealer above to get it fixed. It was only a little bit of water but costs over $1,000 to get the logic board replaced. So sad. I keep replaying the sequence of events: Me knocking over a bottle of water. I wish I could rewind and do things differently

Years ago, I read an autobiography by Jay Leno. Although he is a comedian, he shared something quite touching. When he was in high school, he worked really hard and his parents got him a truck. It was a great truck, but for some reason the window was gone. He remembered watching his car in the parking lot from where he sat in the classroom. Suddenly it rained. "'There goes the upholstery in my car," he thought to himself as he couldn't get out of class just yet.

Almost instantaneously, his parents drove up onto the driveway of the school. Together, they brought blankets and whatnot to cover the window area. Jay was really grateful for his parents. They were thoughtful enough and cared so much about him that they came to the school parking lot to save the day. My parents are the same way.

When my dad heard that I broke my laptop, he offered to replace it without a second thought. We went to the store together and he picked out the one with all the bells and whistles. I feel really bad that he had to replace such an expensive item. "But that's what Dads do," my friend Pat reassured me. My mom is the same way. She is very thrifty. Whenever there is a sale, let's say for bananas, at the supermarket, she is very disciplined and only get bananas at that store and nothing else. But when it comes to getting stuff for my brother and me, she would do it without a second thought.

I'm so grateful for my parents. I hope one day I will repay them many times over.

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