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Getting Ready for the Pasadena Chalk Festival 6/17-6/18

I'm getting ready for the 25th Pasadena Chalk Festival. Did you know that it is the biggest event of its kind and has broken the Guiness Book of World Record? Some people are super hardcore: They wear their headlights and work through the night. I can't do that, but I can wake up early and get a head start. 

Above, I'm having my coffee and oatmeal, some chalk got in the oatmeal! But it tastes all the same to me. My dad let me borrow some sticks so I could rubberband the chalk and draw from a distance. 

I was going to stick with chalk to go with the spirit of a chalk festival, but the colors of the pastels are amazing, so I'm cheating a little but by using them. It's kind is like the Color Run in that chalk gets all over my body!

I bumped into my friend Hertz. "I don't know what I'm going to do. Everyone draws super realistic." "Draw a swimmer," he said. Thanks, Hertz for the great idea! 

It started to rain, so I take it is time to go back inside. Hope it doesn't rain next weekend. But even if it does, it is okay. It will give me more time to do homework. 

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