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Adopt Your Toby Today!

Working with a Yorkshire Terrier dog named Toby, I developed a collection of pet products that revolves around the theme of surf shack/ Old Hawaii. Toby is a super energetic dog that could easily take up the sport of surfing. His portrait is designed by looking at Tiki sculptures for reference. I want to immortalize him by making Tiki Toby. Adopt your own Toby today, by owning one of these embroidered patches!  

Two things about my collection: (1) The technique I used is relief blockprinting. Back in the day before the Westerners came, Hawaiians use woodblock printing, Kapa art, and tattoos to express themselves. I want to recreate that sense of the homemade and the nostalgic impression of Old Hawaii, by using the technique of printmaking. The colors I chose are based on 70s earth color palette to emulate a warm and inviting feeling. 

(2) For the subject matter, I chose traditional agriculture products of Hawaii. During the design stage, I ate pineapples, papayas, and drank young coconut water for direct inspiration and reference. Resources are precious on the island. Hawaiians like to use all parts of a product. For example, when they travelled, fresh water was not always available, so they carried young coconuts with them. Even though the coconuts were not ripe yet, the people drank the coconut water for nourishment. So it is fitting to use the motif of young coconuts for the feeding mat.  

The bright and happy collection next to mine is designed by Julie Shin. For more info, visit 

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