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Beef Bourguignon on a Budget

It took me 5 hours and $30 to make a Beef Bourguignon for four people and an additional four lunches to-go. Although it seems like a big chunk of time and money, I saved both resources in the long run. I was inspired to do this, because I had to make a cookbook for my graphics class, Type 3. I wanted to get my own photo reference. I was also curious how this recipe tastes like, after watching the film, Julia & Julia. Finally, my type teacher said this dish is to die for, so I decided to make it. Even though I was doing desserts for my cookbook, I am glad I tried Beef Bourguignon and see how inexpensive and yummy it is.

My school recently adopted very fancy vending machines, where I could get a sandwich for about $5. However, there has been a number of times when the machine ate my money. It's a long process to get my money back. Sometimes I don't, because as students we are always in a rush to meet a deadline. Instead of eating vending machine food, which is not always healthy, why not go the other way around and make the most delicious food to see how that turns out...beef bourguignon!

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