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" I can show you what to do, but I'm going to have to kill you!"

Rapid Prototyping is expensive. It's not a feasible way to make multiples. I couldn't make a mold of my cookie-cutter, because the object is used to prepare food. The chemicals to make a mold is not good to be in such proximity to food. So I decided to make cookie-cutter the old-fashioned way, by bending stainless steel strips.

" I can show you what to do," said the model shop instructor, "but I'm going to have to kill you!"

I love working at the model shop, because the instructor cracked jokes all the time. To make a cookie-cutter, I had to check out a tool to insert rivets to close off the cookie-cutter. I used a Whitney metal punch tool make a hole for the rivet. When I put the rivets in, I messed up. The next tool I had to check out was a hacksaw.

"Every time you check out a tool," the model shop instructor observed, "the level of danger goes up exponentially!"

Eventually, I want to make something like this. Found at Starbucks.

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