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Before Facebook & Instagram

I found photographs faded from time. Handwritten notes strewn across the backs of photos. Photos pressed in-between letters that were sent across the ocean. I found a time when my dad appeared handsome and when my mom was much younger than me right now. Time stood still and their image sat frozen in my memory. Why, everyone looked so skinny and happy!

Going back in time, before the age of Facebook & Instagram, I was looking for pictures for my brother's upcoming wedding and discovered these treasured moments. If they had Facebook back then, they would have been posted and buried beneath billions of newsfeed a long time ago. But because they are physical photographs, I had the luxury to flip through them and laugh at the girl who used to be me.

You know how people say that when you get older, time goes by faster. Actually time stays the same, but we go faster as we age. Time doesn't go faster as I get older. Instead, I do so much stuff and try to fit it all in a day/week/month/year that it seems as though time is moving a million miles a minute.

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