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The Best Class Goes Beyond 14 weeks

Photo Credit: Maryam Aziz

My hats off to all the students in the class. Each of them has to do something outside their comfort zone. For some, it was to break out of creating for a 2D world; for others, it was working collaboratively, putting others first. I know it came together when I saw everyone working outside of their groups, helping one another to finish before Neiman Marcus team stepped foot on our campus.

Collaboration by: Ariana Pacino, Yanice Tian, Alejandro Jimenez

Week 13 is one of the toughest week at ArtCenter. It is the week before finals when everything is due at the same time. I thought week 13 is a thing of the past when I graduated. Little did I know until I found myself working until the wee hours in the morning last week or two. I know this project does not end at week 14. Since it is a project that connects with the outside world, the parameters of school do not apply.

Visual Communication Team is composed of Kevin Yoon, Judith Kim, Se Ra Lee, Peace Park

Yes, there was a lot of work to be done. But it never really feel like work, because my colleagues, Maryam & Max are always there. I thought I was a hard worker. I show up and help others when I am needed. However, Maryam is the hardest person I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to help students actualize their projects. I don’t know how many hours Max sat in front of the computer, correcting each pattern tirelessly. He did it with a smile on his face, making funny comments that cracked me up despite the stress level. I am in awe of the work ethic and creativity of my co-workers.

Plaid World by Robert Valle & Veronica Torres

SurfaceWorld is the best class I have ever had. I’m indebt to my teachers who gave me a chance to take part. I find it amazing that my teacher Jon wanted us to collaborate and went out of his way to make a connection with Neiman Marcus, to create a series of window displays for the Beverly Hills store. I am I’m thankful for our co-teacher, Christine, taking care of the details, doing things behind the scenes. I learn a lot from them both about what it takes to be an excellent teacher, mentor, and collaborator.

Pop World by Lydia Li, Robert Valle, Veronica Torres

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