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2-Hour Commute Reduced to Just 10 Steps

Updated: May 5, 2020

What happens when a two-hour commute turns into 10 steps? It used to take me a long time to go to and from work. Now it is only 10 steps, from my bed to my laptop. It means that I have a lot more time to make artwork. Above is a project that started in my graduating term at ArtCenter. My mentor, Rob Clayton suggested that I make a collection of cookie cutters, each for a breed of dog. Sorry, Rob, I didn't get to it until now!

Working from home also means longer hours. I miss going home at the end of the workday. Sometimes, I work until 8 or 9 pm or later, because there was no point in going home. I was already there. However, a perk of working at ArtCenter is that I get to take one class or workshop for free each semester. This is a golden ticket to be a professional student. Above, I was taking a workshop in the Archetype press. I will continue to learn online through Zoom.

Below is my physical Zoom background. I make use of my time working. After staring at the image for hours from the Zoom meeting from across the room and backward, I could see the changes I need to make as clear as a bell.

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