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Everything is Awesome!

When I graduated from art school, I had little to no access to printmaking studio or archetype press. I am amazed by how easy to put together the press with help from Steve Garst over Zoom. Thanks to him and his incredible workshop about the Provisional Press. For $50-$70, student artists have an opportunity to create their personal presses.

Following his advice to get some Lego bases from the Dollar Tree, I created some patterns using Dot Legos I purchased from Target. I discovered that you could also buy flat legos on the Online Lego store to select any pieces you wish.

Attached are the photos of my experimentation. I think kids would love working with this press. I’m excited to combine 3D printing with the press. Students could create their printing plates on TinkerCad and print with them. They could learn to make prototypes and test them out.

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