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Living a Life of Sustainability

Sometimes during difficult times, we learn the most. I never had the patience to knit. After being sheltered in place for the past year, anything is possible. If it wasn't for the pandemic, I would not learn how to do many things. With prolonged time at home, I learned to garden, repurpose what I have, prepare vegan dishes, and sit for long periods of time to draw.

I remember my mom told me that when it is the coldest and harshest weather, peach flowers bloom the most intensely. During stressful situations, I find that a great comfort, knowing that hard circumstances ultimately make us better people. When I go back to work in person, I am going to miss the fruit plates she brings me in the mornings. Or having durians in the middle of the day, because the smell does not translate on Zoom.

I am grateful for my family. It's nice to have lunch with them in the middle of a workday. Whenever there are long meetings and workday, it's also a great comfort to know that I'm already home and not need to fight through LA traffic.

In the morning, I could go for a long run before heading to my home office. I am training to run the ultramarathon in San Francisco in September. I am a slowpoke, so hopefully, I make the first loop in time in order to run the second loop. In the past, I relied on store-bought Gu or energy gels to carry me through the run. However, I have created my own power bars using peanut butter, maple syrup, corn flakes, and chocolate chips.

Only five more months to work from home. Meanwhile, I will make the best use of this time.

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