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Which Pitch is Best for a Supershort Animation?

Lemonade Stand

  • raise money for dad’s day present

  • in the morning, dream of proceeds towards a car.

  • midday, no sales, dream became intention to get a model car.

  • afternoon, just draw picture of car

  • dad returns and bought all the lemonade with a $20 bill.

  • daughter takes dad out for pizza with her earnings.

Parallel Lives- living in isolation, we are closer to each other than we know.

  • Breakfast- sunny side up, sausages, pans out from one breakfast to another’s

  • Taking Dishes in & out of dishwasher each day

  • Doing laundry alone

  • have similar habits, same things in the fridge

  • same settings, different people

  • Zoom unites everyone

Dad, the Dim Sum Apprentice

  • when dad was young, he was an apprentice

  • one day, he was tired

  • knee knocked safety button

  • tripped over sandals, fingers

  • into meat grinder

  • only lost tips but amputated to mid fingers.

  • new job as a painter of houses, ashame of hand.

Advocate for Container Garden

  • lines are too long at Costco

  • by the time in front, run out of stuff

  • order things from Amazon, wrong product was sent

  • start gardening but attack by pests

  • container gardening outsmarts pest by relocation of pots

  • confuse the snails and rabbits

  • rearrange for different seasons for aesthetic reasons

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