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A Labor of Love

To me, the best part about doing a project is not the end result. It is nice when it does turn out alright. The most beautiful part of a project is often left unseen. Here are some snippets behind the scenes.

Specks of colorful chalk dust sit on the ledge of the board. 3/25/17 6:45 am

Having a room to myself at the Gamble House, before all the other tourists walk in. 2/18/17 Noon

Talking to the veteran guide who climbed to the top of the Watts towers as a teen. 3/4/17 12:37 pm

The suspense builds as I discover how a man lost both his sons simultaneously. 2/25/17 1:56 pm

The guard shares that Aline Barnsdell daughter, Sugartop had a very troubled life. 3/2/17 2:20 pm

The ranger at Will Roger Ranch House opens the gift shop just so I could shop. 2/23/ 17 2:24 pm

Eating Apple Pan leftover fries while being stuck in traffic at the magic hour. 2/23/17 4:30 pm

Recording my voice in a tent of pillows and blankets to emulate the qualities of a sound booth. ?3 am

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