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Switched at 40?

Two women were switched at birth by accident and did not find out the truth until some 43 years later. The weird thing was that one of the mothers knew it from the beginning and didn't do much about it. The other strange thing was that the two families knew of one other and lived just down the street from each other. I have been working on a GIF/ stop motion animation based on a story,"Switched at Birth," from this American Life. "This is a nice little baby," said one of the fathers, "we're going to keep her."

One of the challenges I have is to move away from personal work like the swimmer series above. I guess I'm excited to be switched at 40! It was like Christmas in June. Last weekend, I took part in the chalk festival in Pasadena. The organisers gave 3 boxes of pastels of 12 ct., 24 ct., and 48 ct. to each artist. The highlight of the event was when a little kid and his mom came by my mural. I was changing the tiles of the pool to a more neutral colour. "Wow!" He exclaimed "Now is brown!" He thought I was a magician.

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