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The Experiment of Squeaky Dog Toys

Though Chiquita is reaching her final phase of life, she is having the best time ever. No only does she gets homemade dog treats, she also receives handmade dog toys. Yes, I'm been making squeaky dog toys, but haven't had much success.

First I used fabric markers and leftover fabric to make lollipop and cellphone toys. I noticed that my cousin's dog, Darlene enjoyed them as showed in the video above. However, I wasn't sure if the colors were safe for her to chew and suck on the toy.

Next I use strawberries, spinach, carrots, and blueberries as dye for the dog toys. I boiled the strawberries and blueberries to get the colors of red and violet. I blended the carrots and spinach to make orange and green. With more leftover fabric, I made a carrot and a polka dot sock. The bad part about that was the color fades overtime. The good part was that the colors were organic and safe to consume. It smelled so good that my dog, Chiquita kept licking the fake carrot toy, because it was painted with real carrot juice.

Then, I used a sturdy fabric of linen to make dog toys. The fabric came with colors so I didn't have to worry about it fading over time. But linen was still too fragile. The toy could be easily ripped up a small dog, let alone a big one.

Finally, I tried duck cloth. It works the best so far. It is sturdy enough and comes with colors. I need to try the dog toys on a bigger pool of dogs. Just my dog and my cousin's dog are not enough. Luckily, the humane society accepts donations. I made some dog treats for them and I'm sure they will welcome toys too!

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