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Making an Olfactory Book for The Children of Haiti

Being a child of the 80s, I love scratch 'n sniff stickers. I wanted to make an olfactory book for the children of Haiti. I started out by using KoolAid powder, Sugar Free Jello mix, embossing powder, and ink. Although the smell was quite delicious, the visual presentation was a mess. I abandoned the initial idea and focused making the fruits and vegetables you see above and below.

These are mostly common agriculture products found in both Haiti and Mexico. The Haitian children are migrating to Mexico for a better life. I wanted them to have something to look forward to. That way, they will not be too homesick when they are in a new place.

A lot of our used goods and electronics are shipped to Haiti to reuse and reassemble. I think it is not fair that they have to salvage our old stuff and make them into new things again. I want to give them something new, something made especially for them.

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