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Never know where Life takes You

One of my favorite parts about working on this project is collaborating with my partners in crime, Maryam and Max. We call ourselves the MMBs. I didn't think I could help much. Both Maryam and Max are superb illustrators and surface designers. So I start off making snacks like brownies, apple pies, pineapple upside cake, banana bread, and oatmeal cookies at each class session. One creative activity spurs onto the next. Pretty soon the exercise feeds into my own art making and writing. We wrote a story together and hope to illustrate together. Thanks to Maryam: Though I have good ideas, I have a tendency to go off on all sorts of unimportant tangents, so thanks for her help to keep me focused by telling me, "come back here, Bonnie!"

Jon said that if we MMBs work well together, then we might as well start a company. Jon is the heart of SurfaceWorld. Above you could see that he is pretend-cutting Shannon's hair with a pair of prototype shears. It doesn't really cut, but Jon is always in a mood to be goofy. He never fails to get everyone to do their best work. He always can magically get a group of students to work together and grow to love working with one another.

I am grateful for an opportunity to help my teachers on this project to conduct a series of window display for a major department store. Please follow us @SurfaceWorld to see our activities and day-to-day discoveries on Instagram. Every week, we dress to a theme. Here are some of the themes we have done so far: Plaid, unconventional colors, color blocking, black on black, urban floral, and Human Nature, a color palette from the WGSN 2018/2019 Fall & Winter collection.

WGSN stands for World Global Style Network. It was found by Marc & Julian Worth in London in 1998. They combined what they knew about fashion/trends with technology, so that people all over the world could access this information. Now it is a world wide company that have over 700 employees. Designers, buyers, merchandisers, and executives alike acknowledge that WGSN directly impacts their company. Something interesting is that Marc Worth sold the company, because he was discouraged by how much people misused the resources. Instead of using his site as inspiration, they used the templates and colors in place of their own research & creativity. He noticed that everything started to look similar in the market and he felt sad.

making some package design to go with the oatmeal cookies

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