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Measured Mischiefs Curated by Young Tseng Wong

It was refreshing to go to a new show at the Art Crib in Claremont. It was fun to find the art in unexpected places. The show was in a house and backyard setting. It was intriguing to discover each piece as I explored the house.

At the entrance was Paul Kelly's Geometric Project No. 4. It appeared as a video projection composed of shapes, and a real object which was cardboard. Throughout the backyard, I encountered miniature white houses. Because they were white, it forced the viewer to focus on the surroundings.

I was mesmerized by the nets, weavings, and what seemed to be giant dreamcatchers. They were colorful and whimsical with faces woven into them. They were traps that catch your eyes.

One thing I missed as an art piece was Lovina Sunshine's Swimming Pools, Movie Stars. Being that it was a particularly hot day, I thought the performers were part of the audience, cooling off. I thought that added to the mischief!

I had a chance to speak with Mayra A. Villegas who collaborated with Kira Bunch in the project "Xacmoo! You've Been Caked!" I learned that it was a work in progress piece and that the collaboration allowed for Mayra to experiment outside of painting.

There were other artworks. All of which were better experienced than I could ever write. While I took some pictures, it didn't do justice to capture them in photos, which pointed to the fact that one must see art in person.

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