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Everyday = A Tree

Sometimes I feel as though I have won the golden ticket in Charlie in the Chocolate factory. Because as a staff member, I can take any class I want. This semester, I have been taking Storyboarding with Thomas Broersma through ArtCenter Extension. Though I was not an Entertainment Arts track major, I find value in storyboarding. Thomas exposed us to different kinds of films and scenes. We learned from watching and doing master copies of chase scenes, the hero's journey, and using framing devices. I can use storytelling as a way to share my process of making artwork.

Since sheltered in place, I have been at home almost every day. Some days are very boring while other days zoomed by quickly. Pun intended. In retrospect. Each day was like making one of these trees. I made the best out of whatever was available. I didn't buy anything new but did an inventory of stuff that I did have, which was a lot.

I ran out of ink cartridges quickly. The next order from Amazon will not arrive in time. Sorry to those I am not able to send the cards to this year. My friends told me to market these cards next time. Luckily the holiday season will come again.

The postage was not cost-efficient at first at $3.80-$3.90. The postal worker told me not to buy cards like that anymore. She didn't know I made them. I remembered that I used to buy these extra-long double-sided inkjet paper from Red River paper. Instead of printing on one side, I printed trees on both sides to save some money on shipping. After that, the postage was $0.70!

I first got this idea from an assignment in Jason Holley's Image & Idea class where we had to draw one thing 96 times. When I took the class, I chose a cookie. It was one of my favorite assignments of all time. It was fun and challenging to find 96 different ways to portray a cookie.

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