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My Thoughts on Family

When I was in teachers college, we learned about difficult cultures, knowing that the students we teach come from many different backgrounds. I remember that Asian and Hispanic families' cultures were very similar in that family is the most important thing. In American culture, the professor pointed out, when someone loses his/her spouse, the loss is irreplaceable because couples spent all their time together. It is difficult to make that transition to solitude. During this time of the epidemic, when most people spend their time in solitude. I'm grateful for my family.

Today at Toastmaster Club, I was asked to share my thoughts about family. Each day during the epidemic, my mom prepares the most delicious food such as hot pot, Vietnamese pho noodles, Hainan chicken & rice, fruit plates of papaya, pineapple, avocado, and melons for breakfast, homemade red bean popsicles, etc. Also, my mom made extras and delivered them to her friends. Her friends are also great chefs. In return, she brought back banana pancakes, fish porridge, abalone, sushi, and fresh organic produce from the garden. My house is never out of food. There is always an abundance and overflow of dishes of splendor.

When I was in high school, my dad took me to school every morning. I took it for granted back then. When I look back, I was always on time for school. I don't ever remember being late to class. I never went to school hungry and still had breakfast before I go. Nowadays, sometimes I am late due to traffic and the train being late when I go to work. I am always amazed by the fact that I was never late in high school. That was a magical thing my dad did. That or my memory fails me.

In sum, my family does not express love through words. Instead, they say it in codes and through their actions. "Have you eaten yet?" is equivalent to saying, "I love you."

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